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How to add social media link preview to your SaaS landing page

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Social media preview

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I just added social media link preview to my new SaaS landing page (Built upon NextJS & Tailwind CSS).

It is done by ‘Open graph protocol’ or ‘Twitter Card’ meta tags.

Here is how it’s done πŸ‘‡

To get preview of link while sharing on social media is important for SEO and as well as aesthetic value.

People know what they’re going to see if they’re clicking this link

Here is how to add metadata and preview card to your NextJS and Tailwind CSS website.

Add these Opengraph Meta tags in layout.jsx under <head></head> tags.

Opengraph meta tags

Add Twitter Card Meta Tags below thisπŸ‘‡

Twitter card meta tags

Your head section will look like this:

All meta tags for link preview

You can also use an online tool to get these codes for your website

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